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Spraying a Nutrient-Rich Grass Seed Mixture

Hydroseeding is a planting process that involves the application of slurry, which is a mixture of seed, mulch, and nutrients, in order to grow healthy lawns in a short amount of time.

Top Quality Hydroseeding residential customers, following proper watering procedures, can achieve a beautiful, lush lawn in a couple of weeks at about one third the cost of a San Augustine sod lawn.  Once established, your new lawn will require much less water and attention. And forget those ugly BROWN PATCHES and all those holes in your yard from uneven sod. How does one know what kind of grass to use? NO SWEAT with so many seed choices we will help you pick what is right for your location and budget. 

Top Quality Hydroseeding commerical applications are more interested in erosion control and quick coverage.  We know this and WE GOT YOU COVERED!  We can have grass growth starting in 3 to 5 days normally.  From roads, sewer projects and schools to commercial properties we know you are concerned with the environment, erosion, complaints from neighbors, codes and even aesthetics. Top Quality Hydroseeding  will make you look good within your budget.

With so many seed choices we will help yu pick what is right for your application, location and budget.

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Yard Without Grass Grass Before and After Grass and Mud Heavy Machinery

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Within two to three weeks of seeding a lawn it will be thick and green because of the fertilizer in the slurry. Your landscape must be watered TWICE DAILY to make sure that it grows properly.  


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